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A day in life of the manager of the Duke of Leinster

Many people wonder how hard could it be to run a 3-star hotel in London? Most of us would answer ‘It cannot be so hard, you chat to guests and respond to few emails, job done’. Very wrong, says Fabrizio.

Fabrizio joined the Brunel Hotel in 2013 as a front desk receptionist and it quickly became obvious he had a charming personality and ‘can do attitude’. Eventually, he worked his way up to a senior role. In 2017 he got promoted to a general manager of the Duke of Leinster Hotel in Bayswater. Since then he has been working hard to bring the hotel standards and reviews up. Successfully, we have to say.

The hours can be long and there is always endless list of things to do. But on days when it is all running like a well-oiled machine, everyone is smiling and having a great time working and staying here, it can feel like a big party. Smiles and a positive attitude go long way in our hotel. Come and see for yourself!